Priscilla Sahagun
College Student. I like science and art. SAIC ©Priscilla Sahagun
Making prints and shiit
Ghostface Killah, Chicago, IL
Wu-Tang Clan at Riot Fest
Isaiah and Claudia, Chicago, IL
Lake Michigan
Wet Plate Collodion
self portrait, Chicago, IL
August 8, 2014
Collodion Wet Plate scan
Isaiah, Chicago, IL
Collodion Wet Plate
Daisy, Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL
Collodion Wet Plate
Went back home to California for a couple of days to visit family and a sick friend. I made this Terra Cotta bowl for her and planted a strawflower torch cactus in it. 
Before the clear glazing accident
Hand painted bowl, 2014
Terra Cotta 
Bottles, 2014
Red Stoneware
Stackables, 2014
photo by Dani
I made my first relief printed book. It will be a zine once I photocopy and print it out.
A drink with Edgar Allan Poe 
The sun came out yesterday.  View from my stoop in wickerpark April 9, 2014
Pabst (First test Print)
Multiple Plate Relief Print
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