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College Student. I like science and art. SAIC ©Priscilla Sahagun
The sun came out yesterday.  View from my stoop in wickerpark April 9, 2014
Pabst (First test Print)
Multiple Plate Relief Print
The Subterranean, Chicago, IL
This wall was pink, Chicago, IL
February 19, 2014
The Rainbo
Mozes and the Firstborn at The Rainbo, Chicago, IL
February 19, 2014
I brought Pangea to a cool dive bar near my house called the Rainbo. Mozes ended up coming along and we all hung out for a bit. I took this picture shortly after their friend realized that they had no idea what or where the cupcake that they were eating came from. Needless to say- he was slightly freaking out. Everyone was drunk and lovely.
Together Pangea Koozie, Chicago, IL
February 19, 2014
This poor Koozie found its way into the slutty snow water outside of the Subterranean but some girls ended up taking it when the show ended. 
Untitled, December 2013
Porcelain Slip, Plaster, and Wood
Roy McDonald, Redd Kross
Mosswood Park, Oakland, California
tbt to this summer and burger boogaloo
Steven McDonald, Redd Kross
Mosswood Park, Oakland, California
Janis (1971 Volkswagen Squareback), Red Rock Canyon, California
I went on a one day excursion with some friends and brought my car for a music video that they were going to make. We left for Red Rock Canyon at 4:30 in the morning and arrived just as the sun was beginning to rise. It was beautiful and I will cherish it for the rest of my life. I just moved to Chicago on Saturday so it was sort of my last hurrah with Janis  before I left.
Pangea, Oakland, California
Burger Boogaloo
Ruby, Oakland, California
Burger Boogaloo
Shannon and the Clams
Mosswood Park, Oakland, California
Burger Boogaloo
July 6, 2013
Chad Ubo, Danny Bengston, Ty Segall, and Blaque Chris
Mosswood Park, Oakland, CA
Burger Boogaloo
July 7, 2013
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